You’re 16 Weeks Pregnant, Now What?

16 weeks is the week during the second trimester when your baby will begin to develop his or her facial expressions and their central nervous system will grow. Baby now weighs around 2.5 ounces and is about the size of an avocado. A lot of women start to feel their baby move at this point although this may be unrecognizable for first time mothers or may be mistaken for “gas bubbles” or “butterflies.” Most people can find out at 16 weeks if their baby shows signs of any genetic issues as an ultrasound this month will give you insight into your growing baby.


What is going on with my body?

During the 16th week of pregnancy most women report an increase in their sex drive as a result of increased hormones and feeling the “pregnancy glow,” despite their growing and protruding bump. A lot of women report a decreased urge to frequently urinate, however if this is a second or subsequent pregnancy that urge may still exist. During the 16th week the production of oil increases in the skin glands due to the higher level of blood flow, which happens prior to the increase in hormones. Tiredness is common at this stage due to the extra weight you are carrying, and some women experience sharp leg pains or cramps. Varicose veins and stretch marks can be common as skin and veins are stretching.


What is going on with my baby?

At 16 weeks, baby has grown to the size of an avocado and their eyes and ears are beginning to shift into their rightful positions. Baby is looking more like an actual newborn. Baby will begin to respond to stimuli like lights and certain sounds. Some mothers can even feel baby hiccup at this stage which reportedly feels like a heart beating.


What do I need to do?

Baby is gearing up for another growth spurt so continue eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables for the increased hunger. If common pregnancy constipation is an issue, foods high in fiber prove to be beneficial. Drinking plenty of fluids to stay hydrated can ward off cramps. Continue taking your prescribed prenatal vitamin to ensure both you and baby are receiving the vitamins and nutrients necessary for healthy growth and development. When anxiety presents itself and emotions run high, take deep breaths and remember you don’t have to many any decisions today. Continue getting as much rest as possible for baby’s healthy development. Reach out to someone if you are experiencing feelings of hopelessness or despair.