Adoption For My Child will reach out to families whom the expectant mother has expressed interest in after she views profiles and makes the decision she would like to reach out to specific families. We give her as much time as she needs to make her decision and we do not pressure her or rush her in that decision. We give her opportunities to schedule calls with each family that interests her to determine if the family meets the criteria she is looking for if she chooses to move forward. We encourage her to pick her top three families that interest her. If she chooses not to connect with one of the three families, we allow her to take as much time as she needs to continue interviewing families until she has narrowed down her top three. If she chooses to move forward with your family, then you are matched! If an expectant mother decides she wants communication, she can request a call or communication in other ways. If you are a client, we allow expectant mothers every opportunity to contact you directly though our site