Adoption For My Child is committed to waging war on the adoption industry to make adoption both ethical and affordable. AFMC prides itself on our commitment to providing resources for both expectant mothers as well as hopeful adaptive parents. Hopeful adoptive parent’s face many unknown fears and worries. They worry about adoption industries scamming them out of the financial funds they spent dedicated time to saving or earning and they fear having to walk away empty handed without having created the family they have longed for. Hopeful adoptive families worry about businesses charging them excessive fees for extended time periods and they fear a long wait to be matched which in turn equates to more money invested. Hopeful adoptive parents worry about expectant mothers and the scams that have become associated with them and fear becoming emotionally invested to a child who may never come home with them.

  Expectant mothers have their own fears as well. First and foremost, they fear being judged without anyone taking the time to understand their story. They fear later feeling a deep regret for a permanent decision that at the time felt like was their best option for their child’s future. They fear feeling unworthy of a family of their own later in life, they worry they somehow lose their right to parent future children once their situation changes. They fear people knowing their secret. They fear reaching out to gather information about adoption because what happens if they choose to parent? They fear becoming attached to a seemingly amazing parent or parents for their child and then having their adoption plan changed once the adoption is final. They fear never seeing their child again.  We invite you to join us here at AFMC to be the change and help us support adoption. For this reason, we empower expectant mothers and provide them with resources to support their needs while giving them time and pressure-free space to make their decision. We choose to continue empowering them and providing resources free of charge, even if she chooses to parent. We believe in the holistic well-being of all parties and therefore we believe it is vital to provide expectant mothers with the safe place they need to careful consider all options before making their decision.