• Agency/attorney/adoption entity fees
  • Counseling 
  • Legal fees associated with the transfer of parental rights from the birth mother to the new adoptive parents
  • Fees that pay for the medical care, shelter, food, maternity clothing, counseling, and other vital resources that ensure the well-being and safety of the expectant/birth mother and her child. Women who receive these resources while pregnant are NEVER required to give their child up for adoption. 
  • Administrative fees to cover the time and hours spent processing paperwork, answering emails and phone calls, and cost incurred from hosting and updating a website. 


Adoption can be expensive, depending on what all is involved.  While reviewing fees, please note the many different factors and professionals involved that help to determine that fee.  No business runs for free.  The cost/fees (between $20-60k) that you see posted with available situations, ARE NOT paid to AFMC.