In the traditional domestic adoption process the families sign up with a local agency/adoption attorney where they are required to pay high up-front costs and will remain waiting to be matched with an expectant mother working directly with that agency/attorney, which could take years.

  AFMC domestic adoptions are different in that we provide clients 5 different ways to connect with an expectant mother. Expectant Mothers considering adoption are looking for a family that they can connect with and visualize how their baby would grow up in.  


  1. Expectant Moms come directly to AFMC seeking the family they can connect with and love. Some EM are referred to us, as we have become a referral site to help EM connect and find the perfect family without pressure from others.  IF EM don’t find the family that they need or can connect with, we have an option for EM to request very specifically criteria that is important to them. We are able to utilize our network and marketing skills to locate the family that they can connect with and love.  


  1. Agencies that work with Expectant Mothers, send profile request for adoptive families that would be interested in an adoption opportunity.


  1. Adoption Attorney will request profiles for an EM to review they are working with in hopes of finding the right family to raise their baby.


  1. Other adoption entities will also send a brief description of the EM and the request profiles to be reviewed by the expectant mother.   


  1. Dedicated Marketing Plan – Request a dedicated marketing plan and market your profile on multiple platforms.


  We market and provide connections for families.  Regardless of the number of clients, or Expectant Mothers that come to our site.  An Expectant Mother needs to connect with your family, if you haven’t been chosen, it may only be because the families Expectant Mothers connected with another family.  You don’t want to just match and hope everything works out.  A connection and a foundation built with an Expectant Mother will make the world of difference when it comes to a trusting relationship and the love she has not only for her baby, but for the family she has chosen.  As she places the most amazing gift in the arms of a family she has chosen and developed a trusting relationship with, is what makes all the things you have experienced along your adoption journey worth going through.  Clients have a greater opportunity to view information from a variety of agencies and attorneys without paying high marketing or other up-front fees to those adoption professionals. This model typically results in quicker and more economical adoptions.