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Jennifer & Bob

- Florida -


Quick Facts

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    1 Girl, 2 Boys

About Jennifer

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  • Education:
    College Degree
  • Occupation:
    Army Officer

Jennifer grew up on a small farm outside of Hannibal, Missouri. Her father was a construction worker and her mother a journalist. She was raised with 1 brother who is 4 years younger. Their next door neighbor was her great-grandparents about half a mile down the gravel road. All of her grandparents were very involved, helping raise Jennifer and contributing to who she turned out to be! It was a very nice, slow-paced way to grow up. Jennifer and her brother only had each other growing up out in the country so they played together a lot. They are very close to this day. Jennifer joined the army as a medic after graduating high school. She is now a medical human resources officer and retires from the Army in June of 2023. She has a Master’s degree in Business Administration and hopes to teach high school science after retiring from the Army. Jennifer volunteers coaching high school track and cross country.

About Bob

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  • Education:
    College Degree
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Bob grew up in Seminole, Florida with one Brother (3 years younger). His Father is an electrical engineer and his Mother a retired pre-school teacher. He attended Catholic schools where he enjoyed attending church, clubs, and playing many different sports. He went on to attend college at the University of Florida and also became an electrical engineer like his father. Bob, his father and his brother all work at the same company, where his father has worked for over 30 years. Bob attended Reserve Officer Training Corp (ROTC) in college and commissioned as a transportation officer in the Army Reserves. He has one year left in the military. Bob is very close with his brother who spends a lot of time with the family. He is Jordan’s God Father and a very supportive Uncle.

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